Our Strategy


Your first connection is with God. Prayer is the first step, it is the foundation of all ministry. Every effective church starts with a simple prayer: “God use me to bring people closer to You.” Ask God if He has given you the skills and passion to begin this journey of planting a church. Seek God for His undeniable Call to plant a church. For His favor and provision.

If your prayers lead you to launch a church, connect with us and lets talk about how we can work together to expand the vision that God has placed in your heart to see lives changed.


We will work to discover your best fit through our assessment process. We will provide the necessary tools, training and coaching. We will help you obtain the necessary training and education as you navigate through credentialing and planting your church.

You will put what you have learned to work as you recruit, pray with and empower your launch team. Small groups will begin to multiply & the team will gain momentum in this journey as the Holy Spirit continues to be the fuel for this movement.


You are the lead visionary for this new work of God and your launch team will be looking to you for direction. The certainty of your call and the practicality of your training will be important principles throughout your journey.

The journey is just beginning as the calling God placed in your heart becomes a reality. We will help keep you connected with other church planters and provide continued opportunities for education and support