The C4 Network is a relational network. This means The C4 Network operates as an influence rather than an authority in relationship to the church plant and planter. Most churches are on the path to become fully autonomous churches over time. The C4 Network’s heart is to help resource and encourage like-minded church planters to not only plant a church, but eventually lead their own church planting networks.

What can you expect from C4:

  • Financial and material support (ex. Coordinating the dispersal of investments made to the church plant, putting together a budget, etc)
  • Training (ex. Help navigating the credentialing process)
  • Planning (ex. Church Planter Boot camp, coaching, strategic planning, etc)
  • Planter Care and Support (ex. retreats and shared experiences, available counseling etc.)

What C4 expects from you:

  • Cooperation and Teamwork (we are in this together we need you to share your experiences with other planters as we grow stronger together)
  • Growth and Accountability (communicate the great things God is doing in your church, invest and add value to the C4 Network, encourage and build people up)
  • Financial Accountability (use of proper accounting services, a church financial plan and regular investments in the work God is doing in this Network.)
  • Doctrinal Agreement (we need to stand together in our core beliefs even though how we live them out will look different for each church)